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118 5″ round plates of 316 stainless steel.
2500 square inches of electrode surface area.
115 volt and 230 volt AC single phase input.
70 amp HD bridge rectifier converter
Variable HHO gas output control.1 to 10 LPM with variable control.
1 to 11 LPM without variable control.This cell will easily produce enough HHO for just about any application with 115 or 220 volt single phase power input.Lower your fuel consumption by as much as 40%
This cell has many applications including:
HHO welding torch
Stand by generators
Power generation systems
Commercial boats/ships
Crude oil extraction pumps
HHO for health therapy
Carbon cleaning machines Anything with a internal combustion engine.
Heavy equipment
The dry cell you see above is the result of over a year of designing and testing.
This new design has enabled it to produce over 12 liters per minute of HHO gas.
There is no other like it. It features 118 plates in a twin port design with over 2500 sq. inches of actual plate surface area.We have constructed these ultimate dry cells with only the finest materials.
The GFx3 features 118 5″ round precision laser cut plates of 316 stainless steel.
316 ss has been proven to be the best economical material for the production of HHO. That’s why we use it.
Our gaskets are also precision stamp cut out of high temp. neoprene rubber for superior longevity.
The end caps of the GFx3 are also precision water jet cut 3/4 HDPE.
This is a far superior material. It will not crack at high temperatures like Cast Acrylic will.
The GFx3 measures 5″ round x 7-1/2 thick. The Gfx3 has a cooling system designed right into the cell itself. Used in conjunction with your reservoir, your electrolyte will circulate between the cell and the reservoir without the use of a water pump. This keeps the system running cool which keeps the efficiency at the highest levels.

These units are stack-able. For example 2 of these can be hooked together to obtain double the HHO output.

Use with your 2.5+ gallon reservoir tank
Reservoirs available up to 12 gallons.


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