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GFx3 59 plate Oxy/Hydrogen generator dry cell


The dry cell you see below is the result of over a year of designing and testing. This new revolutionary design has enabled it to produce over 6 liters per minute of HHO gas at maximum in a small and compact unit. 

What is Oxy/Hydrogen?

Oxy/Hydrogen is 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen. It is produced as a mixed gas.

It is also called HHO and Browns gas.

This cell is designed for use with a 120 volt DC power source.

Must use AC to DC converter.


The Ultimate in Oxy/hydrogen technology

We have constructed these ultimate dry cells with only the finest materials. The GFx3 features 59 5.5 inch round precision laser cut plates of 316 stainless steel. 316 ss has been proven to be the best material for the production of Oxy/Hydrogen. That’s why we use it.  Our gaskets are also precision dye cut out of high temp. Neoprene rubber for superior longevity. The end caps of the GFx2 are precision water jet laser cut 3/4 HDPE. This material is far superior to any material that you may see on the market. It will not crack at high temperatures like Acrylic will. So if it is clear it will crack from the electrolysis reaction. The GFx2 measures 6″round x 5-1/2 thick and will easily fit in place those bigger generators won’t.

The Gfx3 has dual water ports for superior flow throughout the entire plate surface area. Not a center port design that leaves the outer plates starving for water. A cooling system is designed right into the cell itself. Used in conjunction with your reservoir, your electrolyte will circulate between the cell and the reservoir without the use of a water pump. This keeps the system running cool which keeps the efficiency at the highest levels.


  • .1 to 6.0 liters per minute of Oxy/Hydrogen production.
  • 316 laser cut Plates.
  • High temp. dye cut EPDM rubber gaskets.
  • 3/4 superior high temp. HDPE end caps.
  • Automatic cooling system built right into every cell.


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Use this generator in conjunction with your water reservoir and AC to DC power supply.

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