• The ONE AND ONLY Flashback Arrestor of its kind worldwide for low and higher volumes of Oxy/Hydrogen Gas.
    This Flashback Arrestor has helped stop Oxy/Hydrogen Gas Flashbacks from 1 liter – 30 liters per minute.
     Gas dryer built in. Unit uses beads that draw moisture out drying the output gas.
    Uses an easy process to recharge beads when they have reached their maximum moisture content.
    This Flashback Arrestors contains no bronze wool material.

    We are including one Small Flashback Arrestor as a set For Free to assist and double the security to help reduce the risk of flashback to your machine. This small Flashback Arrestor is designed for 1-12 liters per minute and should not exceed 12 liters per minute. 
    The larger Flashback Arrestor is designed for 1-30 liters of Oxy/Hydrogen Gas. We highly recommend using them together.These Flashback Arrestor are designed to handle Oxy/Hydrogen and Hydrogen Gas Only.

    All Flashback Arrestors are sold with a 3/8 barbed fittings. 3/8 inch barb inlet and outlet. measures 4-3/4 around x 8-1/2 tall

International shipping is available. We ship worldwide through USPS

Additional information

Weight-16 lbs

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