The most advanced Hydrogen on demand system available.

Installs on any vehicle.

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Can I run my vehicle engine entirely on a hydrogen generator?

Will running a hydrogen generator damage my alternator?

What are the safety features of your hydrogen systems?

What does HHO stand for?

What size of generator is needed for my vehicle?

What are other benefits of hydrogen generators?

What is a Volo chip and why would I need one?

The simplest explanation regarding the FS2-HHO Volo chip is that it regulates the accuracy of the sensors in your vehicle’s system. When you turn on the HHO generator, it introduces hydrogen as well as oxygen into your automotive system. The sensors in your system can detect the additional oxygen (the O part of the HHO) and think that your engine is running oxygen rich. It will then increase the amount of gas to burn with the additional oxygen. This can interfere in the goal of trying to increase your gas mileage. The Volo chip takes into consideration the HHO being used and helps your engine systems adjust correctly and run more efficiently.

Additionally, one of the possible effects of introducing HHO into an electronic fuel injection system, is that the sensors may over compensate because of the additional oxygen being introduced into the system. In essence, what could happen, is that your electronic fuel injection system may want to compensate by increasing the amount of gas used. This could potentially defeat the purpose of installing an HHO system in your vehicle.

The Volo chip adjusts your fuel injection system and keeps it from overcompensating. This will help your new HHO system run at it’s optimum level.

This chip has been specifically tuned for the needs of HHO generator equipped vehicles manufactured with electronic fuel injection instead of a carborator. (Vehicles that are 1996 and newer) The FS2 is dynamic – which means the FS2 will consider oxygen levels in the exhaust, along with engine speed and load, intake air temperature and volume, and many other variables to determine the most efficient fuel delivery rate and timing at up to 256 separate load points.
When using HHO as a fuel supplement, the FS2 will adjust fuel delivery and timing to optimize

When HHO is disabled, the FS2 will automatically re-adjust and switch to highly efficient, non-HHO enhanced maps.

The FS2 is a vehicle specific, custom programmed 20MHz Microcontroller. It utilizes its high speed serial input/output to communicate directly with the ECU through the OBD-II port.

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