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REFURBISHED H2-Sport CHROME Hydrogen Water Bottle with Dual Chamber Technology

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Hydrogen water absorbs into your body easily to boost your metabolism and increase the body’s micro circulation. Molecular hydrogen is the world’s most powerful antioxidant.

If it’s the very best you’re looking for than the H2Sport hydrogen water maker is right for you.

High ppm performance. Oxygen, chlorine and ozone are separated out.
One touch operation, smart and easy to use.
Quickly produces hydrogen rich water within 5 minutes with no waste water, and can be drunk directly from bottle.
Up to 10 glasses on one charge, Portable for travel, work and office.
5 minute operation
Well-sealed for no water leakage.
Ability to attach your own 1 or even 2 liter plastic bottles.
350ml BPA free food grade plastics used
FREE USA Shipping. Low international rates

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This is a REFURBISHED unit is 100% perfect working order.

Our Special Advantages:

This hydrogen rich bottle will create more H2 within 5 minutes than ANY other bottle on the market.
Puts only pure Hydrogen into the water. Oxygen, chlorine and ozone are separated out.
Any water can be used. (RO, tap, distilled, filtered, mineral)
Generates much higher concentration of hydrogen water than standard electrolysis bottles.
Uses PEM Dual Chamber Technology with SPE
Does not make waste water
Easy to operate for any age.
Made with food grade Clear BPA free plastics. The same food grade plastics that are used in BABY bottles.
Shuts off if tipped over preventing damage to the Hydrogen generator.
Lightweight and highly portable.

Package Includes
1 * Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle
1 * USB Charging cable
1 * User Manual
Note that This bottle does NOT come with charger. The cable will plug into any USB port. Any cell phone charger will work.

PEM Dual Chamber electrolysis technology
Titanium electrodes
DuPont ion exchange membrane with platinum SPE coating
Material: High grade clear BPA free food grade plastic
ORP Value: -300 to -500
H2 concentration: 800 to 1300 ppb (.8 to 1.3ppm)
Battery: 8v/1A lithium ion rechargeable
Working temperature: 1-75C (33-175F)
Water capacity: 350ML BPA Free food grade plastic upper
Product size: 230* 67mm (10.25″x 2.6″)

Clean with citric acid every 2 to 4 weeks. Easy maintenance !

1 year parts and labor warranty. if the bottle fails we will fix it free of charge for a year. Warranty starts the day of purchase.
Customer pays for all shipping charges.

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