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10 lpm gas output

60 minute control timer

emergency shutoff

Flashback backfire protection

Over pressure bypass valve

Digital power and LPH display

120vac operation

220vac available upon request


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Oxy/Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine.

Also known as Browns gas or HHO



1.Clean the carbon deposition inside the engine
2.Improve horsepower and fuel efficiency
3.Reduce emission
4.Saving time and money

What is HHO engine carbon cleaning machine?

The principle: HHO engine carbon cleaning machine works by electrolyzing water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, then pump the mixed gas into the engine through the air intake. Oxy/hydrogen bonds with carbon along with  the high temperature of the gas cleans the accumulated carbon deposition in the engine.


Why should carbon be cleaned from inside the engine?

There are many reasons for increased carbon deposition: incomplete combustion, poor quality fuel, bad driving habit, long time lower speed, poor air quality etc. With the increase of carbon deposition, will cause difficult cold starts, unstable idle speed, accelerating weakness, fuel consumption increases, excessive exhaust, engine knock etc.


What kind of vehicle can use HHO engine carbon cleaning machine?

The model: motorcycles, car, bus, truck etc.


What HHO engine carbon cleaning service can bring for your customer?

1. Maximize Fuel Efficiency
2. Restore Horsepower and Torque
3.Extend Drivetrain Service Life
4.Reduce Harmful Emissions, Safety and environmental protection
5.Auto repair oxygen sensors and catalytic converter, prolong engine life .
6. Increase emission test Passing Rate
9. Newest technology, Quality Guarantee, Better Cleaning!

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