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GFx6 Ultimate 35 LPM High output HHO Generator system

The Ultimate in HHO technology

120 and 220 volt systems available.

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Comes with

  • Package includes:6x 59 plate hho generators
    2x 6 gallon water reservoirs
    2x HHOC bubblers w/ flash ports
    2x High flow flashback arrestors/dryers
    1x 11″ SS heat exchanger
    1x variable power supply
    1x 4lpm electrolyte pump
    1x 10″ 12 volt fan
    1x 120 or 240 volt power supply
    10ft 1/2 hose
    20ft 3/8 hose
    misc electrical connectors and hose clamps.instructional video available for download.
    Does not come with written instructions.

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Use this generator in conjunction with your water reservoir and AC to DC power supply.

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