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Past and future customers can get a $20 rebate directly deposited into their Paypal account after successfully completing the testimonial form.

We want your feedback, good or bad about your experiences with our product.

Any customer that has purchased one or our assembled on demand kits are eligible.

Complete the questions below and email it to us. Its that simple.

If a video is included we may even feature it on our site for everyone to see.

Don't hesitate to fill it out and claim your $20 dollar rebate.

Testimony rebate form:
1) Name
2) Invoice/ order number
3)Vehicle information
a) Make
b) Model
c) Year
d) Type of vehicle (car, truck, semi, boat, etc.)
4) Economy information, MPG miles per gallon/ KPL kilometers per liter for CITY and HIGHWAY driving.
a) Before install
b) After install
5) please send a picture of your vehicle or project and tell us a little about your experience with your hho system.