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Below are some studies and links that prove this technology works.

650 HP 40 MPG Hydrogen boosted super car.
Ronn Motor Company
Interview with Ronn Motor co. COO

University of South Australia study.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cukurova University study.

Purdue University dyno tests.

Purdue University dyno tests.

Emissions Test comparison.

Emissions Test comparison.

Automotive testing services tests a 2003 for f-350.

ZeroFossilFuel proves scientifically this technology works.

Independent News Reports from CBS and NBC about this technology.

SafeHHO and Eric Kreeg.
We do not endorse their product.

Now for the 2 most asked questions in the HHO industry

The 2 most common questions asked of a purchaser of an HHO system may be the best questions to ask if you want to see if the seller is truthful & reputable

They are as follows

1) What is the LPM (liters per minuet output) of the cell system?

2) How high will your system bring my fuel economy / What are the fuel economy gains will I see on my vehicle?

Lets start with question one

LPM claims have seemed to turned into an auction where every seller has to go higher than the next believing it will help the sale of there product even if it means lying.

The situation is so out of control lying has prompted reputable sellers from stating any LPM figures, including me. I'm not willing tarnish an industry by misleading people to sell product, nor will compete with people who do. I hope you can understand.

You need to be able to answer the question for yourself, let me help.

It's not too hard to figure out if the seller is being truthful you just need some simple formulas and math along with some common sense to pinpoint the truth and get around the U Tube hocus Pocus.

Tool 1

Faradays law (you can't get more energy out of something than you put in, as that would be over unity) on electrolysis is as follows

(voltage x amps x seconds for LPM) / 3600 = watt hours

2.4 watt hours and under represents over unity, it's not possible.

So lets take a classic E Bay example. "My cell does 3 LPM at 13.1 volts and 27 Amps".

Well do the math, 13.1 volts x 27 (the amps stated) x 20 (60 seconds divided by the 3 lpm stated) / 3600 =1.95 . So in this example the seller is clearly lying. Or the seller doesn't have the correct equipment or know how to measure it correctly.

Tool 2

You need to know the formula for cell efficiency, it is as follows in 2 ways,


100 x 7744 x volume in liters / (voltage x amps x test period in seconds) = efficiency

Lets take the example above, so 100 x 7744 x 3 / 13.1 x 27 x 60 = % Eff

(2,323,200) / (21,222) = 109% claimed efficiency


MMW is milliliters per minuet of output divided by watts, 7.8 represents 100% efficiency

Using the above claim again, 3000 / (13.1 x 27 ) (353.7 watts) = 8.48, again not possible

If you see a video

Believe almost nothing.......

Here's a good one.

At this point you may be disappointed with the reality because you think you will never get something that can conceivably produce enough to do anything. Not to worry, just think back to the inception of HHO systems. They were made with mason jars and produced nothing more than a fizzle and did the job, for small cars. Well what your seeing with the advent of the dry cell would be the equivalent of using a cannon to take out a mouse. You just don't need numerous LPM's to do the job in any standard auto. In fact most units for over the road Semi's run less than 3 LPM and give 20% gains in fuel economy.

The best results come from a combination of top notch products and honest sellers

Question 2

How much will my vehicle gain from this system?

There's no solid answer as 2 of the same vehicle can come out with different results. Here's a rational guideline. 20 - 50% + with a reasonable amount being 35%.

So if you get 20% don't be disappointed, there's likely a reason you will stumble upon that will enable you to get higher. If you get 35% be happy. There are vehicles that do get 100%+.


I have to point something out. At this point the majority of consumers are seeing 20 to 30% + yet when you see ads and websites you see nothing but these 70% + results. This is a huge red flag to stay away from this seller as they are misguiding you. When you sell numerous kits it is a matter of odds that every seller will get customers that have unusually high results, however to post only those exceptional cases is misleading.

None of the above represents a performance warranty on any product.

Thank You!