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5 benefits of charged Hydrogen/oxygen

Aerobic: Produces more stable oxygen, increasing mental alertness and energizing the body.

Antioxidant: Produces antioxidants at a higher density than any food or nutritional supplement.

Antibacterial: Removes harmful bacteria from digestive tract and aids in cellular metabolism.

Alkalinity: Increases the alkalinity of household water by over 10%, boosting the immune system.

Absorption: Increases the body's hydration rate by over 6-fold, aiding all cellular functions.

Hydrogen can prevent and cure disease.

Access our list of scientific peer reviewed studies. HERE

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5oz. Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide Lye

7FT Adult Soft Tip Nasal Cannula for hydrogen use.

Stainless Steel Hydrogen diffusion stone

5oz. Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide Lye

Hydrogen rich water bottle ionizer hydrogen for health charged water machine
H2 Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle
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Hydrogen rich water bottle with SPE technology
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H2 Hydrogen rich water bottle.

H2 Hydrogen rich water bottle with SPE (PEM) technology.
High H2 concentration 1.0 to 1.4ppm
HHO Hydrogen for health H2 machine
hydrogen for health therapy machine
HHO Hydrogen for health Therapy machine