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Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning and Welding Machine
HHo hydrogen welding and carbon cleaning machine.

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Hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for vehicles

Product Introduction :

  • Remove carbon deposits, and lower emissions.

  • Restore engine horsepower and torque.

  • Friction is minimized, so engines run smoother.

  • Optimize combustion efficiency.

  • Increase engine life.

  • Chemical free and non-toxic cleaning method.

  • Procedure for performing Engine Carbon Cleaning

    Connect the GFx10 gas output
    to the engine’s intake manifold

    Oxy-Hydrogen ENRICHED
    gas enters the engine’s

    Complete combustion loosens
    and eliminates carbon deposits

    Results of Carbon Cleaning with the GFx10


    Date of test procedure: 2009/6/17
    Vehicle: 1994MERCEDES BENZ-C180; Displacement: 1.8L; Miles: 89,272

    Emission Type


    After 20min

    After 40min


    Emission reduction rate













    CO 2(%)






    O 2(%)






    NO x(ppm)






    Comparison between Green Fuel's Carbon Cleaning System and traditional methods

    GFx10 Carbon
    Cleaning System

    Chemical Drip Method

    Chemical Foam Method


    oxy-hydrogen gas

    chemical additive

    chemical additive

    Procedure time




    Environment Issues


    air pollution + waste water

    waste water


    Simple to connect;
    the engine runs at idle

    The engine runs at idle
    while chemical additive
    drips into the engine

    Complicated and repetitive;
    carbon removal incomplete.

    Cost (Retail)

    Carbon Cleaning Process

    Chemical Drip
    Engine oil
    Engine oil filter

    Chemical Foam
    Engine oil
    Engine oil filter


    1. Carbon Cleaning using Green Fuel's GFx10 Oxy-Hydrogen gas cleans away the carbon build-up efficiently and without mess or harm to the environment.

    2. The results are more low RPM power in a smoother running and more efficient engine.

    3. Carbon reduction results can be seen using a micro-camera, before and after the process.

    4. Different from the traditional carbon reducing methods; no pollution, no harmful gases or chemical additives to harm you, your car or the environment.

    5. Save time and money by using the Green Fuel's GFx10 Carbon Cleaning System; increase your business potential, customer base and profits.

    After using the Green Fuel's GFx10 ENGINE CARBON CLEANING SYSTEM, carbon build-up is completely cleaned away, engine efficiency is increased, power and performance are restored, life expectancy is improved and engine emissions are reduced.

    Specifications :

    Model Number


    AC Voltage Requirement (V)


    DC Current (A)

    8 to 20

    Power Consumption (kW/h)


    Max. Working Pressure (psi)


    Max. Water Consumption (L/h)


    Net Weight (lbs)


    Dimensions - WxDxH (inch)


The GFx10 is also a Hydrogen Welding system

Hydrogen oxygen gas generator, also named brown gas generator or oxyhydrogen gas generator, is a portable gas generator, and acknowledged as an extremely safe, reliable and cost effective way of producing a oxyhyrogen flame about 3000 degree centigrade replacing acetylene or natural gas or other fuel.

Hydrogen torch systems offer many advantages over bottled gas.

A hydrogen torch produces gas on-demand. Instead of having to maintain and fill bottles, in the way that you do with an oxy-acetylene torch, hydrogen gas is produced from water and electricity at the moment it’s needed. You’ll never again be left with an empty bottle while you’re in the middle of working on that important project. All the fuel you need is at your fingertips.

Advantages for oxy-hydrogen welding

1. Safe & Convenient:

Oxy hydrogen generator can produce gas automatically without gas cylinder. Just need pure water & electricity as fuel.

The machine will turn on or off automatically by detecting the gas pressure. The gas output volume is adjustable. Easy to operate.

2. Cost saving:

Oxy hydrogen Generator saves 60% cost compared to acetylene. Saves 40% compared to propane.

3. Welding quickly

The oxyhydrogen flame calorific value reaches 34000Kcal/kg, and temperature high up to 2800 degree C. It can make the welding area reache melting point in 1 second.

4. Welding precisely:

The flame is concentrated for precise welding..

5. Clean flame without carbide:

Oxy hydrogen flame combustion doesn't form any carbide, so there is no black spot after welding. And it will not influence the rigidity & flexibility of work piece.

6. Environment friendly:

Oxy-hydrogen generator just needs pure water & electricity as fuel. And it will just generate steam in the end. Do no harm to environment.

Application Area

1. Welding

(1) Jewelry Industry:

For welding kinds of chain and string which are made of platinum, gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, etc.

For mending tiny sand holes on jewelry casting.

For jewelry repairing (reforming, casting, welding).

(2) Electronic Industry:

For welding enameled wire, computer wire peeling, LED wafer, flame-treating circuit board, thermocouple and platinum resistor leading wires.

(3) Medical Industry:

For denture welding.

For welding metal fittings and mending sand holes in dentistry.

No-carbon flame disinfection and glass seal.

(4) Laboratory:

Lab welding, providing convenient, safe and clean oxy-hydrogen flame.

(5) Others:

Instrument welding, Air-condition copper pipe welding, Automobile exhaust pipe welding,Fishhook welding, Storage battery tinplate welding, lighting hardware welding, etc.

2. Cutting

Jewelry welder / jewelry laser welding machine / jewelry welding machine / jewelry welding torch is the specific application of oxy-hydrogen generator, it is the small model. As for large model, it can be widely used in Carbon Steel Cutting of machine

building industry,shipyard, steel structure processing plant and continuous casting slab cutting of Steel Plant. It can cooperate with manual cutting torch, semiautomatic cutting machine, shape cutting machine, CNC cutting machine to instead of traditional fuel gas.

3. Heating and sealing

jewelry welder / jewelry laser welding machine / jewelry welding machine / jewelry welding torch also can be used in heating and sealing fields.

(1) metal and nonmetal heating

(2) glass tube sealing,quartz glass tube sealing

(3) ampoule bottles sealing

(4) water injection drawing sealing

(5) mould repair, quenching, crucible heating melting metal

(6) solar wafer processing, IC packaging.

4. Polishing:Organic glass/Acrylic Polish

5. Others: For Welding or Heat treating small metal parts, Iron Cutting, Catalytic combustion of other fuels, Engine carbon cleaning for automobiles.

Comes with
  • Compact design
    Safety flash protection
    Variable output control
    Over pressure shutoff
    Large water reservoir
    Locking cabinet

    Unit comes with:
    50 ft hose with quick connect carbon cleaning hose with probe.

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