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On-Demand HHO Generator Systems

Cars- Trucks- RVíS- Boats and More. New Semi system just added.
Virtually any vehicle powered by fossil fuels can benefit from this product.

All of our HHO generators come with a Lifetime Warranty

Every HHO company on the web claims that their HHO kits are the best available. But, they're just not able to back up that claim when it comes right down to it. Our development department has engineered an HHO On-Demand system that stands out from every HHO system in the world, and we back up our systems with a "Lifetime Warranty" on all of our HHO Generators.

We are one of the largest, if not THE largest, sellers of HHO systems on the Internet. We have been building our custom HHO generators for over 3 years, with hundreds of systems currently sold to date.

There is no question that this technology works. You just have to find a system that you like and a real company that you can trust to be there when you need them. We encourage you to do your homework!

There are a lot of companies making and selling their version of an HHO hydrogen On-Demand kit out of their basements and garages these days. This has created thousands of "backyard engineers" that you need to be leery of.

We have purchased and tested units from many of the other guys who are trying to sell similar units.

We are here to tell you these words,... We have No Competition! No one is giving you what we are for the price.

1) Cleans Engine- keeps it clean.
2) They clean carbon deposits out of your engine.
3) The added hydrogen/oxygen (HHO)produced acts like a catalyst to your fuel, for more complete burn and slightly cooler.
4) Add a FREE 120 octane booster to your fuel mix.
5) Knocks down the hydrocarbon count from your exhaust.
6) Increases horsepower! (8 to 10%)
7) Fewer oil changes
8) Longer engine life.

Hydrogen, as an energy source, is anticipated to become the foundation for a world-wide sustainable energy system.
On demand Hydrogen is safe to use, 100% environmentally friendly. It has many potential energy uses.

The US DOT says hydrogen addition increases gas mileage using lean burn conditions, while also mitigating pollution
emissions without the use of a catalytic converter. NASA says hydrogen addition increases flame velocity,
which provides more useful pressure prior to the critical crank angle.

Hydrogen can now be combined with gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas, and produce astonishing results.
Because of the hydrogen supplement, the regular fossil fuel mixture burns more completely,
thus reducing hydrocarbon emissions, while increasing horsepower and improving fuel efficiency.

The hydroxy(Hydrogen/Oxygen or HHO Gas or electrolysis gas) produced acts like a catalyst to your fuel.
Get higher octane combustion. Utilizing HHO gas to boost a fossil fuel with a near complete burn of all the
hydrocarbons, produces a way cleaner emission. HHO boosters will work with any ICE engine, diesel too.

Custom units are available. Tell us what you need and we will build it!

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GFx3 230/130 volt 118 Plate Plug in HHO Generator GFx2 30 Plate HHO Generator
Our Price: $933.00
Our Price: $284.00
118 plate hho generator

125/220 Volt
1 to 10 LPM with variable control.
1 to 12 LPM without variable control.
6 gallon reservoir tank (optional)
bubbler with flash port (optional)
30 plate 5.5" round
4+ liter per minute 60 amp max
Pay with BTC and get free shipping anywhere in the world.
Pay With Bitcoin
GFx3 130v 59 Plate Plug in HHO Generator High Output HHO Flashback Arrestor/Dryer
Our Price: $434.00
Our Price: $73.00
59 Plate Plug in HHO Generator
1 to 8 liters per minute of HHO production.
316 laser cut Plates. Over 1575 inches of plate surface area.
High temp. dye EPDM rubber gaskets.
3/4 superior high temp. HDPE end caps.
70 amp bridge power supply (optional)
Variable output controller (optional)
HHO Gas flashback arrestor and dryer.
Designed for HHO gas Generators and welding torches.
High volume flashback preventer stops flashbacks up to 30 liter per minute. Literally the only unit on the market that can stop a high volume flashback 3/8" barb
12 Liter per Minute Flash Arrestor 10x Flash arrestors
Our Price: $13.25
Our Price: $130.00
Flashback Arrestor Flashback Arrestor
Prevents flashback from reaching your HHO generator. Rated for up to 12 LPM 3/8" and 1/4 inch barbs
Pay With BitcoinFree USA shipping with Bitcoin payment.
Prevents flashback from reaching your HHO generator.
Rated for up to 12 LPM
3/8" and 1/4 inch barbs
Heavy-Duty HHO Bubbler/Scrubber 4x6 inch 316 Stainless Plate
Our Price: $74.95
Our Price: $3.85
Heavy-Duty HHO Bubbler Shipping is always the same no matter how many plates you buy. $3.85 per plate

4x6 Gasket Reservoir
Our Price: $2.50
Our Price: $25.00
4x6x1/16" gasket
To be used with 4x6" plate
2, 3, 6 quart 2.5 and 6 gallon
3/8 barbed fittings
4 hole mounting

Larger reservoirs available upon request
AC to DC power converter HHO Flash Port
Our Price: $69.00
Our Price: $14.50
flash port
AC to DC power converter for 59  and 118 plate HHO generator. HHO flash port
3/4" NPT thread
Green Fuel H2o

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