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With the ever increasing price of fuel and planned shortages it's about time to start fighting back. You have stopped in the right place. Use water for gas, the most plentiful element on earth. This website is designed to help the world become energy independent. Using water and 12 volts DC from your cars power supply to generate safe, clean burning hydrogen and oxygen while reducing your emissions to nearly zero.

Lifetime warranty on all HHO generators

This is the HHO Hydrogen GFx2 On Demand System. See our store for details. Hydrogen generators can be assembled with parts found at any hardware store. Plans and parts lists are available free, here on this site. Increase your gas mileage 20% to 40%. We encourage you to build your own or you can purchase one of our assembled kits.

Worldwide shipping available. We have shipped to over 90 countries. Great international shipping rates available.

HHO Hydrogen Generator

When reading the many HHO forums and blogs out there It is easy to see how many people make a frequent mistake about hydrogen/HHO gas. Many people believe that the hydrogen/HHO gas being produced by the hydrogen/HHO on demand system is being burned as a fuel and that the energy being used to create it is greater than the energy that it creates. Simple thermodynamics right?

What is not understood is that the hydrogen/HHO gas is being used as a catalyst that improves the way a fuel burns in a engine. The HHO on demand system simply improves the combustion process of the fuel. A typical engine wastes up to 80% of the fuel in the form of heat. With the use of a hydrogen/HHO generator the combustion is more complete, transferring more energy to motion instead of heat.

If you have any questions about HHO generators or on demand system feel free to go to ourlearning centeror contact us. If you have any questions about HHO generators or on demand system feel free to go to our HHO store page.

Hydrogen on Demand

The HHO gas that is being produced by the on demand system is not stored in any way. It is being used as it is produced. Many big companies have spent millions upon millions of dollars researching economical ways to store hydrogen gas and have all failed. The typical user of an HHO on demand system have reported 30 to 40% increases in fuel savings.

With the ever increasing alternative energy ideas in the market these days it can easily be confusing. History can be our best source of information. The first engine that used hydrogen was designed in 1807 by Francois Isaac de Rivaz. It was the first internal combustion powered vehicle. Many patents were filed as the result of this invention but was overshadowed by a cheap alternative. Gasoline and diesel quickly took over as the fuel of choice and hydrogen was left on the sidelines.

William R. Grove invented the fuel cell in 1838 that gave another option for powering vehicles. This is the direction that the auto companies these days have tried to fallow. Many problems have stalled it's advancement. Humidity, the costs of unreliable fuel cell replacements and drawbacks of storage have hindered it's advancement. It will be a long time before the general public will be able to purchase these types of vehicles.

Hydrogen on demand, better known as HOD has proven to be a more practical, cost effective way to utilize hydrogen as a fuel source. Forcing HHO into a vehicles existing fuel system has proven to be more cost effective for manufacturers and the end user.

Several companies around the world have taken up this new challenge of using HOD on existing systems thus meeting the needs of today's technology and our society. One recent example was shown at the 2007 international auto show in Seattle. A 2005 Ford Ranger was retrofitted with a HOD system that increased it's fuel economy from 8 mpg to 40. Ronn Motor company has also introduced their 650 HP 40 MPG Hydrogen boosted super car

Saving fuel and burning it cleaner improves our atmosphere. The ability to use this technology on existing and new vehicles is the best choice we have. With our past history and the presented facts there is really no better choice than HOD.

Green Fuel H2o

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