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By the way, your system it very cool, it's going to work well at 15 amps on my Mustang, I will send you mpg and gas analysis information if you are interested. I have compiled a lot of mileage statistics on my Mustang...we are testing it and my Honda at Perimeter College in the Motorcycle Service Technology department. Using their gas analyzer. So far, on my Honda MPG improvement from 11/15 to 17/23. CO2 went from 2.34% down to .04
Hydrocarbons went from 150 to 4 PPM!

Good morning Steve,
Here's an update on my story. The case of the jumping amps I was experiencing was due to the electrolyte being too strong. Yesterday I drained and refilled with a 5% solution and the amps hold at 19 now. Anything higher and I don't show any gains so I'll leave it there. This morning I started playing with different tunes for my car. I have tunes for 87 octane up to 93 octane with a cold air intake, the later being the most aggressive. I have 91 octane in the tank. I was wondering this morning what the differences would be between these different tunes. Well to make this lengthy story short, I now have the 93 octane with CAI running 91 octane and hho. My mpg have gone from 25 (stock), 28 hho and 87 octane tune, to 35 mpg on the highway at 60 mph. I have tested this over a 70 mile trip this morning. I do have the volo installed on top of my aftermarket tunes. These results are on a 2012 Mustang GT 5.0 with just the hho, K&N air filter, and tunes, everything else is stock.

Make: Audi
Model: Allroad 2.5 TDI
Year: 2002
Economy information:
a.Before HHO install: City – 12 L/100km, ~20 MPG, Highway – 8 L/100km, ~30 MPG
b.After HHO install: City – 10 L/100km, ~24 MPG, Highway – 6 L/100km, ~40 MPG
Had trouble finding right place for device installation, but managed. Also made a
mistake with hosing, so had troubles with gas flow. But now it is working. Engine runs
smother, has more power, less emission. Also around 2 L/100 km fuel economy
Donatas Banaitis

Steve,I have been moving around with the cell I purchased from you , and I am very very happy, good saving on milage gasoline, plus no contaminants !Thanks Steve !!!
Thanks Steve
BTW I got a 22% increase in highway miles..
155 miles, 5.5 gals, highway driving, = 28.2mpg + 22.6% over 23 mpg

Hi Steve,
I have made several tests using your 90Amp PWM and I really like the way it works very much. I have now thoroughly tested it at the -50A connection poles and actually pushed up to 60 amps on that circuit into our 7 plate "Hyopt" HHO generator that is working far better than expected; producing 2 liters per minute at that setting in near one minute of time.
So congratulation on this product. It seems rugged and is designed compactly so that it fits in tight spaces and it works better than advertised. Can't ask for more than that and I know my partner Bill Bodah has also ordered one from you too recently. We will be testing his configuration soon that will take us up to the 90 Amp rating of your +50 pole connections, and I will let you know how that comes out after the tests.
Thanks for your patience with me and the service you have provided is quite important in our considerations of how to proceed.
So thanks again; Tom Hopper
Hopper Design, LLC

Hi Steve
I plan on using your dry cells exclusively since I've had success with mine for almost 3 car show seasons. I typically get 15 - 17 mpg on a 455
Oldsmobile muscle car engine. I'm pushing a car weighing almost 4,000 lbs. This engine used to get 10 - 12 mpg. without the hydrogen generator.


Hi Steve

I bought your semi system off of your sale page back in June... Been
running it now for 3 months... So I thought I would let you know how
it's working...
I have used HHO on my 94 chevy 4X4 full size pickup for a long time...
running a wet cell I built so I knew it would work... I was in the
process of building one for my Freightliner when I saw your sale page...
I know the dry cell is the way to go so you saved me a lot of time and
effort... I love to tinker with things and it's taken a while to get my
Semi setup working just right....
The set up is running at 10amps producing about 3 liters a min. I have
a auto amp gauge between the battery's and the unit... I control every
thing with my Electrolyte concentration which is actually pretty weak...
It takes about 22 seconds to displace the water out of a quart mason jar
held upside down in a 5 gallon bucket... not very scientific but it
works for me...

When I leave the house here in Columbia Falls MT. with a load of lumber
grossing 80,000lbs heading east I used to use 105-110 gallons of fuel to
get to Beach North Dakota where I fuel...619miles
5.6-5.8 mpg.... not very good lot of pulling and a lot of wind.... now
with a little HHO I use 93-98 gallons that's $40,00 to $60.00 savings on
my first fuel stop...6.5mpg...and it just keeps getting better the
farther East I go...
I will keep you posted on my progress and will be ordering some more
things... I will be switching my pickup over to a dry cell also...
Jake Johnson
Columbia Falls MT.

I purchased my GFx2 31 Plate On-Demand V8 System in March of 2012 for my personal vehicle for testing purposes. Initially, I limited the amperage to the unit to 30 amps (15 amps per cell since this is a dual unit). Mileage immediately increased from 10.2 MPG to 16.4 MPG. After about a month of limiting the amperage to 30 amps, I decided to see what the unit could really do if given the chance, and I was not disappointed in any way. The mileage, with amperage between 47-60 amps, increased to an average of 22.7 MPG!! Immediately upon removing the 30 amp limiting device, I was able to note water coming from the exhaust, which was a good sign that the vehicle was loving the additional HHO output. The current 22.7 mpg is based on both city and highway driving over the course of about 4300 miles, so this isn’t something that was determined on a single tank of gas, but after many miles of driving. With current gas prices at $3.87 in my area of northern Minnesota, I can’t even imagine driving the Suburban at its old mileage of 10.2 mpg! I have more than DOUBLED my mileage with using the system Steve sold me! Being the Chairman of the Minnesota Energy Conservation Council, I would recommend the use of these HHO units to anyone and everyone. In an economy where money is tight for most everyone, this is an indispensible item that will save you a LOT of money, and your car will love you for it.
Richard Will; Chairman
Minnesota Energy Conservation Council

Hi Steve,
Hey just wanted to touch bases with you on your build and the dual 38 plate cells that I got from you and also maybe a tip or two for you on your suply tank.
OK my set up is really working great both cells are producing over 4 LPM at about 25AMPS per cell. Truck runs fricken perfect .... never has ran better than it is right now, and on a hot day rarely do I see engine temps over 165.
I'm running duel bubblers, dual battery's and a 145 AMP alternator, and also running a DEFIE. Also the DEFIE is set at 250MV on the front 02 sensors and 150MV on the rears.
Check engine light was coming on frequently but sense I have lowed the MV the check engine light has stayed of. Also running a PWM on the fuel pump so I can controlled fuel pump voltage and the sweet spot is about 8 volts, if I mash the throttle the truck will fall on its face so if I need a boost I just increase the voltage >>> say for heavy throttle passing and such.
MPG has doubled went from 11 MPG to over 22 just as long as I can keep from throwing a check engine light = open loop if that happens than it just starts dumping fuel in limp mood.
I have contacted a ECM/ ECU builder and he has recommended to widen the 02 sensor wave, meaning the 02 sensor will have a broader range before it recognizes a problem, I'm thinking this is the way to go. If I do this mod I will let you no the outcome..
So on your truck I have a suggestion on the wave action that is going to drive you crazy. The fix for me was fishing bobbers in the tank and the bubblier = problem solved.... No more sloshing around.
So there you go Steve and thanks for everything ....
Greg Borke

Guys you have no Idea how frickin blown away I am with this technology!
Today = success !!!! Installed the new Dual map sensor enhancer purchased from *****Green Fuel H20***** WOW I am so happy with this set up. Drove all around town today monitoring and adjusting the cell Via the PWM and Dual map sensor enhancer and my fuel gauge never moved
Guys..... thank you, thank you, thank you, I could have not done it without you. Also a very special thanks to "Green Fuel H20" and "HHO Connection"
The service, Emails, that went back and fourth was very professional and there products have got to be one of the best. If you are just a newbie like me and you want to be successful in your build these folks are the best in my book.

After several months of researching hydrogen dry cells and available suppliers based on quality, customer service, availability, and of course price. I tried two companies and found one of them to lack in quality after purchasing and trying their product, and terrible customer service. Steve has stayed on top of my questions and sells a very high quality product at a price that is very practical and far cheaper than any competitors price with similar quality. The semi-truck I am experimenting with is a Kenworth T-600 with a c12 Cat engine. It gets 5.5 mpg on its own and since installing the hydrogen cells it has gotten upwards of 8 mpg and I am planning to add two more 4x6 cells at the current time. At 4 dollars to 4.35 a gallon for diesel this is saving me around 125 dollars a day based on 700 miles driven a day. I save almost a full tank every every trip out east and back which is about 6 to 7 hundred dollars a trip. I would recommend any one who does as much driving as I do to try the dry cells and start putting money back in your pocket! Thanks Steve for all your info and quality kits.
Chad Smith

b. F-150 4.6l sohc V8
c. 1997
d. 4x4 half ton pick-up
4.) this truck was just awful 8 to 10mpg on a good day with a tail wind
after the same type of install as the explorer, we established an mpg of about 20 city, running 2 fuel cells at the same time running about 7-8 lpm we were able to get it very close to 30mpg... AMAZING !!! running 2 units together we were able to produce more gas and less temp and amps to each unit rather than running one unit @ 100%
your product design is superior to any other design on the market, it offers a safe and easily installable solution to drastically reduce and offset the rising cost of fuel. I recommend anyone who asks about the cell to your website (the other day I was shopping at a local grocery store and ended up giving a 15 minute demonstration and explanation on the use of hydrogen in my truck to about 10 people, and my new savings people thought once impossible, all of them took down your info)
Thanks again for great product that has already paid for it self !

Hi Steve,
i purchased a v8 system a few months back to run on one of my plant excavator as a test run to see how effecient the system is before i mount the same unit on the rest of my machinery.
The results were so impressive i still can not beleive it. as close as a 60% saving on diesel in two days. quick question could a sealant be used between the plates and the gaskets to prevent this from happening.

thanks Omar